All of Deb's CDs are available online by clicking the CDBaby button above!  ( is the most 'artist-friendly' site in the world, directing up to 90% of the funds back to the artist.!  Note that Debbie's music is also available on iTunes, however sometimes the artist is paid less than 10% of the funds generated by their own written creative works!  Thank you for being part of the supportive revolution to reverse this trend.  We appreciate you!)

You may also purchase through us via eTransfer using this email:  Please include your full name and address to order as many copies as you like!  

1 CD + 1 of Debbie's Art Cards & envelopes for $20, whichincludes all shipping /handling anywhere in the world. 
3 CDs + 1 Art Card for $50 (shipping donation of your choice)
Gift Givers Dream Pack -- any 10 CDs for $100! (See list below.  We suggest a donation of $20 to help ship this package to you ASAP!) 
Ministry Miracle Pack #1 -- 20 "All Is Well" CDs (just nominated GMA Canada Inspirational Album of the Year!) for $199 + shipping donation!
Ministry Miracle Pack #2-- 30 "The Beautiful Piano" (award-winning piano instrumental) and "To Love & 2 B Loved" (award-winning inspirational) CDs for $299 + shipping donation!  Four options.  Lots of great music!  Let us know ASAP here:

YES, we still accept good ol' fashioined cheques / checks / money orders!  Please make it out to Far Away Music and mail it to Box 7, Chilliwack, BC V2P 6H7, Canada (with a lil' extra postage to make sure it gets here, if you're mailing from the USA).  Email us ( to let us know it's coming, and we'll send your CDs as soon as it arrives! 

Need to raise money fast?  We've had remarkable success helping churches & schools fund-raise with our Ministry Miracle Packs!  Email us ( for more info today... Feel free to mix and match your order from available CDs, below!

10.)  All is Well:  
9.)   Faithful Musketeer (digital single only)
8.)  The Heavenly Piano:
6.)  Join the Party!
5.)  The Healing Piano: (SOLD OUT!) But available digitally via
4.)  The Beautiful Piano:
3.)  The Christmas Piano: 
2.)  To Love and to Be Loved:   
1.)  Oasis of Thirst:   


Thanks for your patience until our eCommerce store is up and running ASAP!